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 Who We Are

As a Company, we have grown exponentially in size and developed strong and trusting relationships with all of the largest insurance companies in Canada.

The true strength of My Insurance Broker can be found in the dedicated professionals that work together everyday to serve our clients. Our brokers have an average of over ten years experience in the insurance industry. We have a strong tradition of combining knowledge and expertise with quality client service and competitive prices. Our goal is to provide you with the protection you and your family need by offering superior service with pleasant and experienced staff.

Growth at My Insurance Broker: Our desire to better serve you

My Insurance Broker is one of Ontario’s fastest growing and community-dedicated brokerages. Established in August 2008, today we span across all of Southern Ontario. Richmond Hill and Toronto is home to our support center, where we have developed powerful and trusting relationships with all of Canada’s largest insurance companies. we are also expanding our reach online by offering more online insurance options. We are working hard to be your first and only stop online for auto, home, life, business, and travel insurance.

As a family business that is 100% Canadian owned and operated, we understand the diversity of our landscape. Thus, we offer the services of highly trained and experienced brokers that speak your language as well as provide the superior knowledge and expertise honed to cater to your unique needs.

Many of our offices are conveniently located around the GTA: Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, and Windsor; we are also proud to provide our services to the communities of Vaughan, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, and our nation’s capital, Ottawa. As My Insurance Broker continues to expand in the coming years we will strive to maintain and nurture our partnerships and ties in the communities we represent. Our personnel will work their hardest to strengthen our bonds with the people who matter – our clients. Contact us for your insurance quotes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Ontario.

The My Insurance Broker Advantage: Better Pricing • Better Service • Better Coverage

Our clients, regardless of where they are from, deserve the support that allows them freedom from the worries of life’s uncertainties. Protect your loved ones, yourself and all the things you work hard to obtain from the unexpected and unpreventable – whether it be accident, fire or theft. We know it can be difficult to find an insurance plan that suits you, but we are dedicated to making sure that our quotes and services are exactly what you are looking for. My Insurance Broker has a host of personal insurance plans available to help you.

Our clients can tell you some of the reasons why we are one of the fastest growing brokerages in Ontario:

Blood, sweat and tears. Hard work and dedication. The struggles of putting your all into making a successful business work are not things to be taken lightly. The demands of business can be burdensome at times. Unhappy clients and lawsuits, dishonest and careless employees, weather damage, vandalism and theft are all problems that you should never face alone. At My Insurance Broker we are more than happy to discuss the best ways to go about protecting your business or commercial venture so you can worry less about things that cannot be prevented and focus on making your business thrive. Below are all the personal, business and commercial plans available to protect you:

 Our Insurer Partners

The insurance companies offered through My Insurance Broker and this Website are Canada’s leading & trusted financial institutions. Each company offers a variety of products and deliver peace of mind through superior customer service.

 Our Privacy Policy

The following is the Privacy Policy of both My Insurance Broker Corp. & MIB Financial Corp. This policy was last amended on January 1st, 2016 and is reviewed on a continuing basis to ensure it adheres to internal, industry, and regulatory guidelines.


During the course of our job as insurance brokers we are often presented with personal information of our clients. We strongly believe that our clients deserve the right to privacy when it comes to the voluntary disclosure of these personal details. It is important that this information is only obtained and shared with the consent of our clients and only with the insurance carriers and intermediaries that quote and issue insurance policies. Ultimately, this information should only be used for the original purposes for which it was collected.

We ensure that we only collect these personal details in accordance with the privacy responsibilities and guidelines outlined within the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act [1] (PIPEDA) and in accordance with all of our regulatory bodies. As insurance is an ever changing industry we must continuously review and update our procedures to ensure the security and proper usage of the personal information collected from our clients.

Often times we are presented with questions by our customers as to how their private information is handled when issuing an insurance policy. We have done our best to detail the most commonly asked questions and list the answers below to gain a better perspective of the steps My Insurance Broker has taken to protect your personal information. The security of this information, reasons for collecting, and methods for deleting data are all explained in further detail below.

Who is Our Privacy Officer?

We provide an avenue for an individual with a concern or complaint to contact our Privacy Officer should they be unhappy with our service provided. If you have any concerns please contact:

Rick Jaitley, Privacy Officer & President
My Insurance Broker Corp.
MIB Financial Corp.
MIB Consumer Services.
50 West Wilmot Street, Unit 6
Richmond Hill ON L4B 1M5
1 (905) 695-2080, ext. 200
1 (877) 482-5001

What information do we collect?

We only collect details that are both required and relevant to our insurance applications, endorsements, and questionnaires to issue, modify, and maintain insurance for our clients. One of our guiding principles is that of protecting our clients’ personal data. We promise to never share this information with any third parties unrelated to the process of issuing an insurance policy.

Why is it collected?

In order for the insurers we represent to calculate premium they often require personal details about your insurance history. What makes these details relevant to an insurance company are factors filed and approved by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). We collect this data on behalf of the insurer under a unique contract of utmost good faith. This simply means that we operate on the highest levels of honesty and integrity as an agent for both you and the insurance companies we represent. After collecting this information it is used to determine a rate. We collect information relevant to your policy [2], these include details like the vehicle you drive, your driving record, and where you live. This process is wholly regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

How is it collected?

Like most businesses we collect data through phone, fax, e-mail, or Web Site requests. Other information may be gathered from insurance reporting systems common to all brokers. As an example, these reporting systems would include access with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation that may verify the accuracy of a driving record. We only collect this data with your consent and only if necessary to confirm application details or gather additional information.

Why is it kept?

Information is stored on encrypted terminal servers. After collection, some of this data is purged from our system after set periods of time when it is determined it is no longer relevant. Information is collected solely to assess risk and maintain contact with our clients.

At My Insurance Broker we do not disclose your information to third parties for marketing purposes.

How is it secured?

We secure data by using advanced encryption. We understand that the more personal data we collect the more responsibility there is to protect this data. At My Insurance Broker we utilize forms of data encryption to ensure data privacy. Collection of data on our Web Site is secured through a HTTPS/SSL protocol that encrypts sensitive personal data in transit.

Who has access to this information?

Information gathered by brokers is to be held in the strictest confidence and is only ever referred to insurers or staff underwriters on the basis of determining a rate, coverage, or making a change to an existing policy. Only the broker who issues a quote and our staff have access to your private information. Should you wish to proceed with an insurance policy then your personal information is referred through the underwriting channel to do so. However, this information is safeguarded and secured within our Company Intranet. This Intranet is password protected and only accessible by brokers and staff.

To whom is it disclosed?

The information gathered by our brokers and underwriters is only shared with our insurance carriers after having our client sign a Client Consent Form. This form was drafted in accordance with our regulatory body, the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). This Client Consent Form was written to specifically meet the unique needs of consent requirements outlined in PIPEDA. It asks for our clients permission to collect, use, and disclose personal information.

When is it disposed?

Private data is held only as long as it reasonably should. As an example, credit card data collected to pay for a policy is only to be kept for a very short period of time after which it is to be purged from our system.

As an example, where coverage is concerned, we may keep some policy coverage forms for up to ten years to ensure we have documented coverage should a claim arise in the future. This way we can reference a policy wording to show coverage if the need were to arise. Ultimately, our trusted staff understands that the collection of our clients personal information should be disposed of regularly where it becomes no longer relevant to assess their insurance policy.

Our Commitment to Privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. In doing so we have taken certain measures to protect your personal information.

  1. Accountability - As brokers we have access to much of our clients personal data in order to issue a policy. We must remain accountable for protecting the privacy of this sensitive data by having all staff and producers periodically sign off on privacy commitment in our internal policies and procedures and also through confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. Our Privacy Officer will continually review our Privacy Policy on an ongoing basis to ensure as our business processes change our commitment to privacy does not.
  2. Identifying Purposes - We must explain the purposes for which we are collecting data (e.g. to complete an assessment of risk, issue a policy, process a claim, complete a quote) and we will be upfront when dealing with you.
  3. Consent - We believe in informed consent. You must be informed that personal information will be used to determine a quote or issue a policy. We ask out clients for their consent to collect, use, and disclose personal information for these reasons before issuing a policy. Customers must be informed in a meaningful way of the purposes for the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information. We must then document their consent with their signature on a Client Consent Form, meeting guidelines outset by PIPEDA and our regulatory bodies.
  4. Limiting collection - The collection of information should be limited to that which is only necessary in order to process an insurance application or endorsement. It should not be used outside of the intent for which is was originally disclosed. Information gathered can only be used for the disclosed purposes for which it was collected (generally only for insurance quotes, we must maintain the client's information strictly confidential and their personal details cannot be referred to third party businesses unless with their explicit written consent as per regulatory guidelines).
  5. Limiting use, disclosure, and retention - We limit the use of your personal information to what is only necessary. It is retained for necessary periods of time and if not necessary it is purged from our systems (e.g. if collecting a credit card number to process policy payment, it should be disposed of after processing payment for the policy). We destroy, erase, or render anonymous information that is no longer required for an identified purpose or a legal requirement. We keep personal information used to make a decision about a person for a reasonable period of time. (e.g. when a client meets an underwriting declination rule this should be outlined in our agency manager notes and documented should the person request to obtain the information after a decision).
  6. Accuracy - We are precise when collecting information, as a description of what personal information is made available to other organizations (including third parties and subsidiaries) and why it is disclosed. We allow access for our customers to update their personal records should they request them. Please contact our Privacy Officer for your personal records by referencing the contact information on the second page of this document.. We conduct a review of security procedures periodically to ensure updates are completed as our business changes.
  7. Safeguards - We protect your information in encrypted servers that require password access. Our servers are located terminally away from our local desktops and laptops. We dispose of information that does not have a specific purpose or that no longer fulfils its intended purpose. All offices use paper shredders to destroy information that is no longer required that would be considered sensitive personal data. We protect personal information against loss or theft, the more data you collect the more secure the data should be kept (a reasonable amount of protection should be used to encrypt or securely connect computers sharing the sensitive data).
  8. Openness and Honesty - We have organizational controls in place on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. Selected staff and brokers only have access to information that is pertinent to their jobs. We have a duty to inform our customers, clients, and employees of why we have our information collection practices in place. We operate on a contract of utmost good faith.
  9. Individual access - Appropriate measures to correct all information handling practices will be handled immediately and policies should be updated based corrective actions dealt with in each formal complaint. Passwords to terminal servers are updated periodically.
  10. Challenging compliance - When a customer has an issue with the security of their private data we handle all complaints seriously. It should also be noted that all complaints must be handled, regardless of their merit. Our goal is to make the process for challenging compliance simple and easy.

Our Complaint Process

We promise to acknowledge the complaint promptly and detail the time and date in a report. We will give the customer a timeframe for which they will get an official response from our company. We will contact the individual for clarification of the complaint if necessary.

We will assign the matter to a person with the skills necessary to review it fairly, impartially and provide that individual with full access to all records pertaining to the file.

If a customer has to make a complaint against My Insurance Broker please do so by contacting us directly. If you are unsatisfied with an initial decision from the brokerage:

We have a process to record all complaints, the type of complaint, the date received, and when the complaint was resolved. We track these processes carefully to ensure that we can prevent future complaints from occurring.

 Limitation of Liability

My Insurance Broker Corp. does not accept any liability for use of the www.myinsurancebroker.com (the "Web Site"). Your use of the Web Site is at your own risk.

The Web Site is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis, without any representations, warranties or conditions of any kind, whether express or implied, and including without limitation implied representations, warranties or conditions of title, non-infringement, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, performance, durability, availability, timeliness, accuracy or completeness, all of which are hereby disclaimed by My Insurance Broker.

My Insurance Broker will not under any circumstances be liable to you or any other person for any loss or damage arising from, connected with, or relating to the use of the Web Site by you or any other person.

Other Sites

For your convenience, the Web Site may include links to other Internet sites or resources and businesses operated by other persons (collectively "Other Sites"). Other Sites are independent from My Insurance Broker, and My Insurance Broker has no responsibility or liability for or control over Other Sites, their business, goods, services, or content. Your use of Other Sites and your dealings with the owners or operators of Other Sites is at your own risk.

Your use of the Web Site and all related matters is governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and any dispute must be resolved by the Courts in the Province of Ontario sitting in Toronto to whose jurisdiction you account, by your use of the Web Site.

Information on Website

My Insurance Broker Corp. and www.myinsurancebroker.com can not guarantee the information contained on www.myinsurancebroker.com to be timely, current, accurate, or complete, and is subject to change without notice. Changes to the information, products, or services described at www.myinsurancebroker.com may be made without updating the website to reflect such changes.

The information contained within the Web Site is intended for use within the province of Ontario. When using any information provided on our Web Site for any insurance, financial services, or other purpose, you should verify the information before acting on it. No endorsement of any third-party products or services is expressed or implied by any information, material or content referred to or included on, or linked from or to www.myinsurancebroker.com or other sites.

Gas Card Promotion

We are currently offering a limited number of new clients a $25 gas card pending fulfilment of the following tasks and conditions:

 Our Financial Disclosure

Our role as a broker is to provide our customers with insurance that combines coverage, service, and price to create policy value. We provide personalized service that includes professional advice, claims support, as well as client advocacy. Our Company is proud to support the communities in which we both work and live.

We believe our clients should know that our brokerage compensation is part of your premium. For your benefit, we have listed below the insurance carriers that we represent and have included the broad range of compensation each provides as a percentage of your overall premium.

Automobile CarriersProperty Carriers
Aviva Canada* 12.5Aviva Canada* 20 - 22
Chieftain Insurance* 12.5Chieftain Insurance* 20
The Dominion of Canada* 12.5The Dominion of Canada* 20
Economical Insurance* 12.5Economical Insurance* 20
The Guarantee Company of North America 12.5The Guarantee Company North America 20
Gore Mutual Insurance Company 12.5Gore Mutual Insurance Company* 20
Intact Insurance* 12.5Intact Insurance* 20
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance* 12.5Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance* 20
Novex Insurance Company* 10Novex Insurance Company* 15
Optimum Insurance Company 12.5
Jevco Insurance Company 10
Perth Insurance 10
Facility Association (flat fee)

*Those noted with an asterisk recognize our efforts through a contingent profit agreement. Payment of these commissions is reliant on a combination of factors including growth, profitability, business retention, and an increased level of service that we provide on behalf of the carriers. These contingent commissions are based on an entire portfolio of business and not individual policies. Contingent commissions are never guaranteed.

On occasion carriers may invite staff to seminars or conferences to learn of new product offerings. Some carriers may offer randomly awarded draw prizes based on special promotions. The Company may opt to collect or participate in these promotional benefits of a nominal nature having no influence on how policies are placed, and if it may be possible to be construed as such these promotions will be disclosed in an open and upfront manner. Ultimately, we recognize that our client interest must remain primary.

Our disclosure commitments are made in the best interest of our consumers. We encourage you to also consult the commitments made by our insurers, the insurance industry, and all associated regulating bodies by consulting their individual Web Sites. If you have any questions regarding this disclosure please contact us at 1 (877) 482-5001.