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My Insurance Broker (MIB) is a proud partner of Canada Life Insurance. We offer the following insurance products from Canada Life Insurance:

About Canada Life

Canada Life was founded in 1847 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and after 156 years of independent operations, the company was acquired by The Great-West Life Assurance Company in 2003. Canada Life employs over 12,000 people directly and has more than 27,000 distribution associates and partners like My Insurance Broker (MIB).

The company continues to offer its own diverse range of insurance and wealth management solutions for individuals, households, and small and large business owners all across Canada. Canada Life also has significant operation globally with offices in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Brazil, and the United States.

Canada Life maintains healthy investment operations, managing approximately $15 billion worth of assets in consolidated general funds and approximately $5 billion of assets in the company’s own segregated funds. The company is also dedicated to offering personalized financing solutions for corporate and commercial businesses.

In addition to Canada Life’s financial products and services, the company is heavily involved in corporate social responsibility and ethical management, which fosters long-term growth, profitability, and value creation.

Canada Life is determined to:

  • Support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights
  • Minimize the company’s own environmental impact
  • Make a positive contribution in the communities where Canada Life and its companies operate.

In 2015, Canada Life contributed $12.1 million for current needs and long-term change in communities across Canada, with $2.1 million raised through corporate teams, United Way fundraisers and other support, assisted more than 40,000 households with loss, paying out more than $2 billion in life insurance claims, provided income to over 75,000 people who could no longer work due to disability or illness, and paid out billions in health and dental benefits.

The same year, Canada Life had over 20,000 personal contributions and volunteer engagements were from employees and corporate partners. Canada Life will continue to strive economically as well as socially, promoting and supporting causes such as mental and physical health and wellness, financial literacy, ethics, and employee and community success.

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