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My Insurance Broker (MIB) is a proud partner of Jevco Insurance. We offer the following insurance products from Jevco Insurance:

About Jevco Insurance

Established in 1980, Jevco has been providing quality insurance solutions for more than 30 years and is currently one of the youngest, most successful automobile insurance providers in Canada. Jevco provides car insurance to those who have had difficulty obtaining car insurance in the past, either due to a bad driving record or an undeveloped driving record.

This insurance innovator offers coverage for standard and nonstandard insurance solutions for commercial and personal vehicles for people residing in Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec. The company’s incredible success is attributed to simple policies, exceptional customer advantages, convenience, and affordable coverage for automobiles not part of the mainstream market (i.e. high risk clients).

Jevco was acquired by Intact Insurance in 2012 and the insurer now operates as a subsidiary. Since Jevco still operates under its original name and still offers its original products, Canadians from coast to coast have a variety of specialized auto insurance plans available to them. Jevco’s online services are easy to maneuver, allowing for a more pleasant experience for current and potential Jevco customers, addressing any questions or concerns they might have while on online.

Since its acquisition in 2012, Jevco’s primary advantage still lies its non-mainstream auto, commercial property, and other business insurance plans which are offered through My Insurance Broker. The company and its underwriting team remain dedicated to providing reliable insurance solutions for Ontarian and Canadian drivers who are drivers seeking nonstandard auto insurance plans for their private vehicles. Rates can be found through quotes from independent brokerages like My Insurance Broker (MIB). Like many of MIB’s other excellent insurance partners, insurance quotes for companies’ products, including Jevco’s plans, are available through My Insurance Broker's car insurance quote calculator.

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