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My Insurance Broker (MIB) is a proud partner of Optimum Insurance. We offer the following insurance products from Optimum Insurance:

About Optimum

The Optimum Group, an international financial investment group, was established in 1969 with its insurance subsidiary, Optimum General Inc., beginning operations in 1976, after the acquisition of Société Nationale d'Assurance Inc., a Montreal-based company that primarily focused on providing insurance for jewelers and furriers.

Optimum’s core insurance business operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary under the Optimum Group. Over its history, Optimum has expanded its own property and casualty services when it acquired the B.C. Insurance Company in 1983 and the Northern Frontier Insurance Company two years later in 1985 in order to enter the Ontario insurance market.

After 11 more acquisitions in the 80s and 90s, and over 40 years of operations in the insurance industry, Optimum now has over 1,100 locations and 600 independent brokers working to increase its current reach while investing in potential business opportunities. Optimum is attempting to accomplish its objective of offering exemplary products and services to its partners, like My Insurance Broker (MIB), and its existing and prospective clientele.

Optimum focuses on seven key things that make their business successful:

  1. Client Focus - maintaining high client satisfaction and fostering long-term relationships.
  2. Employee Focus - Remaining attentive to our staff’s needs, expectations, and professional progress.
  3. Integrity - Emphasizing the need for high level of professional conduct and ethics while meeting company expectations and values.
  4. Expertise - Dedicating resources to the development of employee skills and talents, and knowledge while ensuring members of the team remain innovative.
  5. Risk Management - This aspect is essential to Optimum’s business decisions as insurance is the core business and involves elements of risk.
  6. Rigorousness - Attention to detail is vital in every level of Optimum’s business and they ensure nothing goes overlooked.
  7. Profitability - Finances are closely monitored to maintain accuracy and provide long-term, sustainable financial security for shareholders.
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