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March 24, 2019  •   2 minute read

Why You Should Consider Third-Party Rental Car Insurance

Information About Third-Party Rental Car Insurance

Why You Should Consider Third-Party Rental Car Insurance

Most people that travel by rental car have some sort of insurance that covers their travels and potential issues. Those that don’t are usually offered a policy by the car rental company and, in 90% of situations, they are hugely overpriced.

What’s even worse is that most people take these offers as they don’t know better. However, don’t be worried, there is a much better alternative available – getting third-party rental car insurance. Here are some of the most compelling reasons for this kind of insurance and why this alternative should actually be your first choice.

It Can Help You Save Your Money

The first issue with insurance that car rental companies is their offered policies are very expensive. In some cases, insurance can cost up to $30 per day. This means that you might end up paying more for the insurance than the actual car rental.

On the other hand, car rental companies also like to offer affordable insurance that has expensive premiums and, in case something actually happens while on the road, you will have to pay a lot of money. However, third-party rental car insurance companies are much more affordable due to low prices from competition.

More Comprehensive Coverage

More Comprehensive Coverage

The standard insurance offered to customers during rentals includes basic coverage with LDW and CDW policies. Even on those policies, they offer only the absolute minimum. The minimum liability is in some states just a tad above $25,000. When you take into consideration litigation costs, healthcare cost, and repair costs, this amount of money would only be enough to cover simple fender benders.

When getting a third-party policy, you are presented with the option to buy into various liability plans and get the amount of coverage you want for a much smaller cost of the standard insurance offered by the rental agency. You can also choose what coverages you want in your insurance and adjust it so that you’re protected while saving money.

More Effective with Claims Processes

No matter how good and careful you are when driving, accidents sometimes happen unexpectedly. Additionally, there are always other people in traffic that could cause an accident. When you get the coverage offered by a third-party car insurance company, you will be able to cover most of your expenses that happen on the road, even if you already have your own car insurance.

Just set the premiums and amount of coverage so that you have enough money on your insurance card. In case of a charge, keep all documentation and copy all of the receipts and start a claim with the insurance company to save money upfront to cover costs.

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