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My Insurance Broker and UBER Insurance Ontario

By Ben N.  •  My Insurance Broker
Jul 19th, 2016 at 01:04 pm  •  Richmond Hill, ON

||Major Update July, 2016 to Uber Insurance -click to learn more||

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There’s no doubt that UBER’s take on transportation network service is a disruptive technology to many industries. One that may forever change the landscape of public transportation and set the benchmark for the sharing economy business model. However, UBER’s “insurance” has not kept pace, leaving the public, drivers, passengers, and municipalities wanting. In response, My Insurance Broker is proud to offer UBER Insurance through its partnership with Aviva Canada.

Toronto, ON. March, 20, 2016. Investigators mark evidence between the two cars after the two-car collision on Bay Street between Front and Wellington resulted in 8 people taken to hospital. One person is allegedly quite seriously hurt. The crash occurred around 3 AM Sunday morning and the SIU were called in to investigate. (Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images) Image Source.

||Major Update July, 2016 to Uber Insurance -click to learn more||

Admittedly, insurance is not a sexy topic, but an important one that needs to be discussed. Often individuals and businesses avoid talking about insurance altogether or speak negatively about it due to the perpetual cost of maintaining it. That is, until the day a loss or claim occurs. A recent accident involving an UBER driver and passengers in the heart of Toronto, Ontario has raised a number of questions regarding UBER operators and the limits of insurance coverage available to drivers and passengers (Stevenson, 2016):

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||Major Update July, 2016 to Uber Insurance -click to learn more||

Ask an UBER driver what happens if they are involved in accident and they will tell you what UBER tells them, they are covered and their passengers are covered as well. It’s no surprise drivers feel this way. According to UBER, drivers and passengers are covered from pick up to drop off (Nairi, 2014). However, the reality of UBER’s insurance in Canada is somewhat murky and the company is currently unregulated within municipalities, under city bylaws (Stevenson, 2016), and under “Canadian law, commercial drivers are legally required to have their own insurance to cover claims incurred while transporting a passenger for profit” (CBC, 2015). Meaning that even if UBER’s global insurance says it covers drivers, Canadian law requires each driver to carry commercial insurance to cover passengers. UBER itself recognizes the limitations of its insurance in Canada and has been working with Intact to create a solution for its drivers and passengers (CBC, 2015).

Fortunately, one insurance company, Aviva Canada, has responded to the potential gap in insurance to offer UBER drivers real peace of mind. Aviva’s new Transportation Network endorsement (NPCF 6TN - Permission to Carry Paying Passengers for a Transportation Network) will now cover UBER drivers in the following three situations:

Period One:the driver has logged onto the online-enabled platform and is available to be matched with a paying passenger
Period Two:the driver has accepted a trip through the online-enabled platform and is on route to pick up the passenger
Period Three:the passenger has entered the transportation network automobile and is being transported

||Major Update July, 2016 to Uber Insurance -click to learn more||

My Insurance Broker is a proud partner of Aviva Canada and is the first brokerage to offer drivers the ability to get a quote online for Aviva’s new UBER Insurance. If you’re a driver click here to get a quote. If you’re a passenger make sure next time you hail an UBER, the driver is adequately insured. Have them contact My Insurance Broker at 1 (855) 482-5001.

Learn more about UBER insurance and what is covered.

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