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August 6, 2016  •   2 minute read

Auto Insurance Discounts

Save on Your Auto Insurance

Which Auto Insurance Discounts do I qualify for? And, how much can I save?

As a driver, you may be eligible for multiple discounts. Insurance Companies offer a variety of discounts to lower your auto insurance premiums. Discounts are available from all Auto Insurance Companies, though they vary by company. Below is a list of commonly available discounts. Be sure to ask your broker if any or all apply to you call now 1 (855) 482-5001 or book an appointment.

What Auto Insurance Discounts do you qualify for?
Age DiscountHybrid Car Discount
Alumni DiscountIncreased Deductible Discount
Anti-Theft Device DiscountLow Mileage Discount
CAA ConnectLoyalty Discount
CAA Member DiscountMature Driver Discount
Conviction Free DiscountMulti-line Discount
Dual-Policy DiscountMy Driving Discount - Intact
Experienced Driver DiscountNew Business Discount
Extended Good Student DiscountOccasional Driver at University Discount
Good Driver DiscountRecovery System Discount
Good Student DiscountRetiree Discount
Graduated (G) Licence DiscountUnderage Driver at University Discount
Green Vehicle DiscountUsage Based Discount
Home & Auto DiscountWinter Tire Discount
Table 1: Popular auto insurance discounts. Click through to learn more.

Some of the most commonly applied discounts are Graduated (G) Licence, Multi-line, and Usage Based Discounts such as My Driving Discount from Intact and CAA Connect from CAA Insurance

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What Auto Insurance discounts are available? Speak to your broker to make sure all discounts you qualify for are applied.
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