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February 20, 2019  •   3 minute read

How Can I Receive A Winter Tire Discount?

Winter Tire Discount

Winter Tire Discount

Get Discounts On Winter Tires.

There are endless weather dangers during harsh Canadian winters. Having winter tires installed is an excellent way to ensure some extra safety and additional traction while driving.

Well, this additional precaution can also save you 5% on your auto insurance policy. Here is what you should know:

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Average savings $500. Coverage available from $1,000,000 to 2,000,000.

What is the Ontario Winter Tire Discount?

According to the recent efforts made by the Ontario government, officials are going a step further to make sure that drivers are safe during the winter season. Officials are reminding people that insurance companies are obligated to offer a winter tire insurance discount to all drivers.

This initiative is aimed at spreading awareness about how winter tires can provide better braking in ice and snow, as well as vehicle handling and traction. Since Canada is known for harsh winter storms, this is all done to improve safety on the road.

How Does Installing Winter Tires Affect My Insurance Premium?

If you choose to install winter tires on your vehicle, you may be eligible to receive 5% off your auto insurance premium. Considering the danger of some of Canada’s harsh winter weather, with winter tires you are less likely to lose traction in dangerous driving scenarios. Insurance companies reward this reduction in risk with a 5% discount.

Want to know the insurance price for your Car
An online insurance quoter designed just for you.
Average savings $500. Coverage available from $1,000,000 to 2,000,000.

Eligibility Requirements for a Winter Tire Discount

Eligibility Requirements for a Winter Tire Discount

Auto insurance might be a bit expensive, but it's a requirement in order to drive on Canadian roads. The winter tire discount is aimed at curbing the high cost of auto insurance, as well as to make the roads safer for all.

Of course, there are some basic requirements for receiving a winter tire discount and those requirements are:

  • An insurant needs to have winter tires installed on their vehicles in order to file an application
  • All 4 tires need to be winter tires
  • All season tires will not count as winter tires
  • An insurant must bring a winter tire certificate

These are some of the basic guidelines for applying for the discount. Now, it's important to know that every insurant must have winter tires in the event of a claim during the winter, as insurance companies will request proof.

Save up to 5% on Your Insurance Premium

By putting winter tires on your car, you may be eligible to save up to 5% on your auto insurance policy. This rate varies from a company to a company, but most discounts are around 5%.

However, this winter tire discount isn't all about saving money. Its goal is to make drivers more aware of the performance benefits of winter tires in ice, snow, and cold environmental conditions. Receiving a discount for being additionally insured against any accidents during the cold winter months is an added bonus.

If you’re an avid Canadian winter driver, be sure to install your winter tires this season so that you can experience these great benefits today! For help deciding on which Canadian insurer meets your needs, reach out to My Insurance Broker today for more information!

Drive safe everyone!

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