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December 3, 2017  •   3 minute read

Ontario Standard Accident Benefits Options Explained

Medical, Rehabilitation, and Attendant Care Coverage Options

On June 1st, 2016 reforms to the Ontario Automobile Policy were introduced.

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You should consider updating your Ontario auto insurance policy if you fall under the following categories:

  • You are the principal caregiver in your household and are responsible for the care of young children, elderly parents or disabled family members
  • Your annual income is over $30,000
  • You are a snowbird
  • You are a housekeeper or do home maintenance
  • You require physiotherapy or frequent massage treatments for a pre-existing injury
  • You have no additional form of coverage other than your auto insurance policy

Changes to the Medical, Rehabilitation, and Attendant Care Benefit were also introduced. As of June 1, 2016 if you have been injured in a car accident and suffer catastrophic injuries such as loss of a limb or become a para/quadriplegic, your standard Accident Benefits Coverage would provide $1,000,000 for medical, rehabilitation, and attendant care expenses. For non-catastrophic injuries such as broken bones and strains, a maximum limit of $65,000 would apply.

In order to help stabilize rates and provide consumers with more options, these Standard Accident Benefits were reduced, which could have an adverse effect on the consumer in the long run.

In order to have a more comprehensive coverage for bodily injury and greater peace of mind in the event of a car accident, you can increase your Accident Benefit Coverage and customize it to better suit your situation and insurance needs in alignment with your income.

Standard Accident Benefits Coverage Options

The table below summarizes the options available to you for Standard Accident Benefits coverage before and after June 1st, 2016. Remember if you have any questions or concerns, we are here to answer and alleviate them at 1 (855) 482-5001.
Accident Benefits CoveragePrior To June 2016As of June 2016Options
Medical Rehabilitation and Attendant Care Benefit1Medical and Rehabilitation:
Reimbursement for a reasonable, necessary medical and rehabilitation expenses like physiotherapy not covered by OHIP or group insurance plans.

Attendant Care: Reimbursement for an attendant to look after you either at home or within a health care facility.

Non-Catastrophic Injuries: Minor injuries (sprains, whiplash) + Serious Injuries (broken bones).

Catastrophic Injuries: Loss of a limb, para/quadriplegic.
$50,000 for Medical and Rehabilitation (for Non-Catastrophic Injuries)

$36,000 for Attendant Care (for Non-Catastophic Injuries)

$1,000,000 for Medical and Rehabilitation (for Catastrophic Injuries)

$1,000,000 for Attendant Care (for Catastrophic Injuries)
$65,000 total for Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care (for Non-Catastrophic Injuries)

$1,000,000 total for Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care (for Catastrophic Injuries)
Increase Non-Catastrophic benefit to $130,000 total

Add an additional $1,000,0000 for a total of $2,000,000 for Catastrophic Injuries

Increase combined all injury benefit to $1,000,000 and combined Catastrophic benefit total to $2,000,0002
Caregiver BenefitReimbursement to hire someone to care for your dependents.Up to $200/week for first dependent, $50/week for additional dependents (Catastrophic Injuries only)No ChangeExtend benefit to cover all injuries
(not just Catastrophic)
Housekeeping and Home Maintenance ExpensesReimbursement for someone to carry out your household responsibilities.Up to $100/week (Catastrophic Injuries only)No ChangeExtend benefit to cover all injuries (not just Catastrophic)
Income Replacement BenefitA weekly up to $400; begins one week after the accident occurs.70% of gross income up to $400/weekNo ChangeIncrease to $600, $800 or $1,000/week
Dependent Care BenefitReimbursement for additional expenses to care for your dependents if you're employed and injured from a car accidentNot ProvidedNo ChangePurchase up to $75/week for first dependent and $25/week for additional dependents (max $150.00/week)
Death and Funeral BenefitA lump sum payout to your spouse and dependent(s);

a second lump sum payout to cover the cost of funeral expenses.
$25,000 to spouse;
$10,000 to each dependent

Up to $6,000 for Funeral
No ChangeIncrease to $50,000 for spouse; $20,000 for each dependent

Increase to $8,000 for funeral
Indexation BenefitAdjustment of Benefits to account for changes in inflation.Not ProvidedNo ChangeAdjust annually according to the Consumer Price Index of Canada
Tort DeductibleThe amount deducted for court awarded compensation for pain and suffering.$36,905.40 deductible (Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2016)No ChangeReduce deductible by $10,000 regardless of annual indexation
1Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care benefits for minor injuries are fixed at a max limit of $3,500.
2If you purchase both the additional Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care benefit for catastrophic injuries and for all injuries, the total eligible benefit amount for a catastrophic impairment would be $3,000,000.
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