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April 24, 2017  •   3 minute read

Flexcare and FollowMe Plans

Health Insurance Coverage Explained

The Flexcare and FollowMe health insurance coverage at My Insurance Broker, offers you the flexibility you need for both you and your dependents. Choose from a wide array of coverage options that includes a core drug or dental plan or a combination of both. You can also choose to customize your plan for added protection, or select a stand-alone option that better suits your needs.

Whether you are a newcomer to Canada, returning resident without healthcare, retiree or have lost your group health insurance coverage, My Insurance Broker has the perfect solution for you!

Our Flexcare and FollowMe health insurance plans offer prescription drug coverage, vision care, enhanced health care coverage and hospital benefits, survivor benefits, accidental healthcare and fracture benefits and health service navigator, which provides you with superior customer service. Our extended health care benefits also offer you the added advantage of registered specialists and therapists not included in your government health care plan, such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths, chiropodists, registered massage therapists and physiotherapists.

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Flexcare Health Insurance Coverage

The Flexcare health insurance coverage from My Insurance Broker is designed to give you flexibility and choice and allows you to customize your health plan to suit your needs. It is ideal for those who have no health coverage or to supplement your government health plan. Choose from a range of options which includes a Core dental or drug plan (Flexcare Drug Plus or Dental Plus) or both (Flexcare Combo Plus) which provide you with basic and enhanced coverage.

Customize your Core plan (Core plan + Add On) with additional protection to include hospital accommodation with a semi-private or private room; catastrophic coverage which offers protection against large unforeseen medical expenses resulting from serious accidents or medical emergencies; vision care coverage for prescription lenses, frames and contact lenses and a percentage towards laser eye surgery. Optional add-ons also include travel coverage and accidental death and dismemberment.

If neither of the two coverage options suit your preferences, you can choose the stand-alone health coverage, which includes the hospital or catastrophic coverage or both.

Retiree Health Insurance Coverage (Age 65+ enhancements)

Our retiree health insurance coverage offers maximum protection for health insurance, including drug and dental benefits, as well as hospital benefits. Stand-alone options are also available for purchase.

FollowMe Health Insurance Coverage

The FollowMe Health Insurance plan is designed for those who no longer have group health insurance and require health and dental coverage, independent of what existed under your group benefits. The basic and enhanced coverage options include prescription drugs, vision care, extended health care, hospital and survivor benefits as well as accidental death and dismemberment and the health care navigator service. The enhanced and premiere benefits offer the added advantage of a fracture benefit and dental services.

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Added Advantage

In addition to offering flexible supplementary health care services, the Flexcare and Followme health insurance plans at My Insurance Broker, offer you the added advantage of a dedicated service team that gives you ease of access of having your questions answered. With Health Service Navigator, you will have access to a myriad of support services and gain assistance on how to navigate the Canadian healthcare system. Our individual healthcare plans also offer discounts for vision care services.

The table below portrays the coverage options of the Flexcare and FollowMe health insurance options.

PlanPrescription DrugsDentalVision CareExtended Health Care BenefitsTravelAccidental DeathSurvivor BenefitHospital BenefitsHealth Service NavigatorFracture Benefits
Flexcare Core Plan Under Age 65
Combo plus starter, basic and enhanced coverageN/AN/AExtended Health Care BenefitN/A
Drug Plus Basic & Enhanced CoverageN/AN/AN/AExtended Health Care BenefitN/A
Dental Plus Basic & Enhanced CoverageN/AN/AN/AExtended Health Care BenefitN/A
Retirement Coverage 65+ Enhancements
Combo plus starter, basic and enhanced coverageN/AExtended Health Care BenefitN/A
Drug plus basic & enhanced coverageN/AN/AExtended Health Care BenefitN/A
Dental plus basic & enhanced coverageN/AN/AExtended Health Care BenefitN/A
FollowMe Health Plan(Coverage options vary in limits of insurance)
Enhanced Plus PremiereN/A

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