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What is Carbon Monoxide (CO)? The Silent Killer
Zeenat L. - Jul 11th, 2016
What is Carbon Monoxide? It is a toxic, odorless, colorless and a tasteless gas. Where does it come from? It comes from any fuel (gas, oil, wood or solid…
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Insurance Fraud: What is Insurance Fraud? Stop Paying for Insurance Fraud
Ben N. - Jul 4th, 2016
Insurance fraud is a criminal offence under the federal Criminal Code of Canada where one engages in the illicit act of intentionally falsifying a claim...
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Ontario Fault Determination Rules: What Are Fault Determination Rules?
Derek Visser - Jun 23rd, 2016
In Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec, charts or rules are used to determine fault or responsibility for Direct Compensation – Property Damage claims, but not…
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Personal Injury Liability: What is Personal Injury Liability?
Derek Visser - Jun 23rd, 2016
Personal injury Liability is Injury other than bodily injury arising out of defined causes which usually include false arrest or detention, malicious…
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Insurance Hazard: What is an Insurance Hazard? Moral Hazard? Physical Hazard?
My Insurance Broker - Jun 22nd, 2016
An Insurance Hazard means: Hazard is a condition that may cause a Peril to happen or worsen. There are two types of Hazard, Moral Hazard and Physical Hazard…
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Insurance Risk: What is Risk? And what is Insurable Risk?
My Insurance Broker - Jun 21st, 2016
In simple terms Risk means the chance of loss. Throughout the course of our daily lives we are exposed to many risks. Risk arises in the absence of certainty…
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Blog Posts
My Home's Been Flooded, Now What?
Josina Myrie - Mar 14th, 2017
A home flooding can result in a messy cleanup as well as have an adverse effect on your health and expose you to viruses and bacteria. Know what to do!
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How To Protect Your Home From Water Damage And Flooding
Josina Myrie - Mar 6th, 2017
Water damage to your home not only results in costly repairs but could also be detrimental to your health. Take measures to avoid water damage before it occurs.
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School Zone Safety: Keeping the Kids on our Roads Safe
Josina Myrie - Feb 3rd, 2017
Children, are among the most vulnerable road users and extra precaution should be taken when driving in a school zone.
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Business Liability Insurance and Your Garage Policy
Josina Myrie - Jan 30th, 2017
Protecting your Business against Liability Losses: Commercial Property, Home-Based Business, Garage Policy
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Why You Need Insurance
Josina Myrie - Jan 11th, 2017
Life is filled with uncertainties and unexpected events. Insurance is designed to protect you and your loved ones from the financial risks associated with some of these events and will put you back in the same financial position in the event of a loss (no better, no worse). It offers you the “peace of mind” and assurance you need to recover from unforeseeable circumstances that could leave you financially depleted.
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SickKids Donation Pledge 2017
Josina Myrie - Dec 13th, 2016
You pay thousands of dollars in premiums on insurance, but what is your insurance broker doing for your community? My Insurance Broker is pleased to announce its annual pledge of $100,000 to the SickKids Foundation in 2017.
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The 10 Highest and Lowest Ticketed Vehicles on the Road Today
Ben N. - Aug 31st, 2016
Is it the car you drive? Is it the colour of your vehicle? Is it your driving habits? Or is it all of the above that makes police nervous? There are a…
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Understanding the Perlis of Incorrect Tire Pressure
Ben N. & Zeenat L. - Aug 22nd, 2016
The importance of maintaining the recommended optimal tire pressure should not be underestimated. Incorrect tire pressure impacts fuel efficiency, road safety…
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What To Do After An Accident. And, Will My Insurance Premium Increase?
Ben N. - Aug 17th, 2016
How much does your car insurance rate increase after a car accident? Auto Accidents happen. Preparing for them is necessary to avoid insurance premium increases.
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The Cost of Ontario's HOT Lanes: Solo Drivers to Spend $60 a Month
Ben N. - Jul 24th, 2016
New Ontario Government stipulations will soon allow individual drivers without passengers to utilize HOV lanes on a major highway, the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW)
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My Insurance Broker and Uber Insurance Ontario. Get Your Uber Quote Now
Ben N. - Jul 19th, 2016
There’s no doubt that UBER’s take on transportation network service is a disruptive technology… However, UBER’s “insurance” has not kept pace, leaving the…
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Update: Final costs of the Fort McMurray wildfire disaster total $3.58bn
Ben N. - Jul 9th, 2016
Fort McMurray made international headlines in May when the nearly 600,000 hectare wildfire burned… one of the costliest natural disasters in Canadian history.
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