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How to purchase Travel Insurance in a few simple steps

By Josina Myrie  •  My Insurance Broker
October 4, 2017  •  18 minute read
  1. Provide Your Trip DetailsProvide Your Trip Details by filling the simple forms

    Provide Your Trip Details

    Simply complete the forms to begin comparing your travel insurance quotes.

  2. Get Expert AdviceGet expert advice on Misssissauga car insurance

    Get Expert Advice

    Make sure you're covered. Our travel insurance advisers are here to answer any of your questions. Have unique insurance needs or a pre-existing medical condition? We have an insurance solution for you!

  3. Save MoneySave money on car insurance Mississauga

    Save Money

    Choose the right plan for you. There are multiple discounts available, whether you're a student travelling abroad, going on a family vacation or you take multiple international trips as a business executive, you can find the best rate on travel insurance.

We shopped around so you don't have to.

Whether for business or for pleasure, My Insurance Broker has the best Travel Insurance solutions to suit your needs! Get the best Travel Insurance online from the leading insurance providers in Ontario!

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What type of travel insurance coverage should I buy?

The type of travel protection you select will be based on the duration of your trip as well as the coverage you desire. We recommend a minimum of Emergency Medical coverage and if booking your trip months in advance we also recommend Trip Cancellation coverage. To begin, simply key in the details of your trip and any other additional information requested to obtain your personalized quote online! It’s simple, easy and time efficient. Choose from a wide range of coverage options for your single or multi-trip travel and the types of benefits you require.

Why do I need to purchase travel insurance?

Accidents and illnesses can occur at any time. Whether travelling for business or for pleasure, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) states that “anytime you leave Canada without supplementary travel medical insurance – even just for a few hours – you’re taking a risk.”

Travel insurance policies are designed to compensate you for certain unexpected expenses which may arise while travelling interprovincially or overseas. While your government health coverage does cover a fraction of these costs, it is usually very limited. Supplementary travel insurance is designed to fill the gaps of baggage benefits, in addition to accidental death or dismemberment insurance.

Again, while hospital expenses may be included in your government health coverage, a trip to a private health clinic could amount to thousands of dollars in unforeseen expenses. Protect yourself with a travel protection plan from My Insurance Broker in the event of a medical emergency, trip cancellation or interruption.

Taking a break from your studies? Travel anywhere in Europe or the United States for 17 days.

How do I select travel insurance?

Whether for interprovincial or overseas travel, for business or for pleasure, My Insurance Broker has the best solution to suit your needs. From a 4-day to an 8-day trip, short-term or long-term travel, we have an array of insurance products to give you the optimum protection you deserve. From emergency medical to trip cancellation or interruption insurance, single trip or multi-trip coverage including various package deals, My Insurance Broker gives you options! Speak to a broker about the travel coverage option that’s right for you 1-855-482-5001.

Why do I need to shop around for travel insurance?

Insurance rates differ from company to company based on a number of factors including the claims experience of their clients, your personal information, the type of travel insurance plan that you select and the packages that they offer. Information about discounts may not be readily available, hence the importance of contacting a broker. Not only will you have access to multiple insurance markets and price and coverage comparisons, we will give you the expert advice that you need in order to make an informed decision.

Will my travel insurance quotes be an adequate description of what I’ll be required to pay?

Your insurance quote is as accurate as the information you provide. Your quote is generated based on your personal circumstances. Hence, as long as the information given is factual, your online quote will be an adequate description of this. We know how busy life can get. That’s why at My Insurance Broker we bring the product to you! All it takes is 2 minutes. Need more assistance? Our knowledgeable and well-trained insurance brokers will be available to respond to all your questions. Reach us at 1-855-482-5001.

Have a pre-existing medical condition?

Don't worry! Not only do we offer unique coverage options for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions, our highly trained and licensed brokers will explain the intricacies of your travel insurance policy, answering any and all questions you may have.

Get Emergency Medical Travel Insurance for your family's 9 day vacation to Cuba.

Why choose My Insurance Broker for your trip? The My Insurance Broker Advantage!

At My Insurance Broker we work for you. We are constantly advocating on your behalf for better prices, better coverage, and better service. As your travel insurance broker, we provide you with the expert advice that you need in order to make an informed decision. With many travel packages to choose from, we work with you to provide you peace of mind abroad, ensuring that your travel plan covers you for the duration of your trip.

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Save on your travel insurance; benefit from various package deals. From unlimited travel to companion and membership discounts, My Insurance Broker has it all!

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Get travel insurance from the most recognized insurance companies worldwide! Get the most in-depth coverage on your travel policy. Compare rates and save!

Get Everything You Need in One Spot

My Insurance Broker is your one-stop shop for everything related to travel insurance. Not only do we offer affordable solutions for your single and multi-trip travel plans, we also offer travel insurance solutions for visitors to Canada, snowbirds and Canadians studying overseas.

Get The Expert Advice You Need

At My Insurance Broker we work for you and only you! Our knowledgeable and highly trained insurance advisers will equip you with the expert advice that you need in order to make an informed decision.

Save Time and Energy

Get cheap online rates and save on your travel insurance! It’s quick and easy! Provide details of yourself and your trip and select the coverage option that better suits your needs!

Your Symbol of Trust

At My Insurance Broker, we highly value our customers and have taken various measures to protect your personal information. We ensure that we only collect those personal details in alignment with privacy responsibilities and guidelines.

My Insurance Broker Travel Insurance Coverage Highlights

Why Choose My Insurance Broker for your travel coverage?

  • Up to $10 million Emergency Medical Insurance Coverage
  • Couple/Companion discounts
  • Membership Discounts
  • Family Coverage (includes parents, grandparents and their children or grandchildren)
  • We do the planning for you with affordable travel insurance packages including accommodation
  • No medical questionnaire required if under 60

Travel Insurance - General Assistance

We provide assistance before, during and after your trip for the theft or loss of documents or funds, translation service and assistance if you are forced to interrupt your trip and return home.

What types of trips do we cover and what Travel Insurance Solutions are available?

Whether you are going on a long or short-term trip, our travel insurance plans will be there to protect you in the event of a medical emergency, trip cancellation or baggage loss. We offer protection for:

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    Short-Term Travels

    Going on an 8-day trip overseas or out of province and need emergency medical insurance? We offer short-term single trip coverages for all your travel insurance needs. If you are travelling for a maximum of 90 days, this travel plan is right for you!

    My Insurance Broker has partnered with Canada’s leading insurance providers to provide you with a travel insurance plan that will better suit your needs. Through our world-renowned insurance partners, we offer various coverage options for your travel insurance needs including emergency medical, a comprehensive package encompassing trip cancellation or trip interruption insurance and baggage loss coverage for your short-term travel needs.

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    Long-Term Travel and Snowbirds

    Going on an extended trip overseas (180 days maximum) or returning home for the winter? Whether you’re a snowbird or embarking on a lengthy trip, our long-term single trip coverage will provide you with the protection you need at the best rate possible.

    Compare rates from the most recognized insurance companies worldwide, and save on your online insurance. In the event of a travel medical emergency, rest assured that My Insurance Broker has got you covered! Our emergency medical care benefit includes hospitalization, medical and paramedical fees, transportation costs and a subsistence allowance.

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    Are you a frequent traveller?

    If you take two or more trips per year, then our annual insurance plan is for you! Our Annual Travel Insurance Plan covers you for multiple trips throughout the year, no matter the duration, at one low cost.

    A “practical and economical plan for Canadians who like to travel”, our annual travel insurance for frequent travellers gives you the ease of unlimited travel to fit your budget and lifestyle. Whether travelling alone, with family members, a student or visitor to Canada, we have the right travel protection plan to suit your needs. Through our world-renowned travel insurance partners, we offer emergency medical care coverage and a package option which includes trip cancellation or interruption, emergency return coverage, accidental death or dismemberment, baggage loss benefits, travel assistance and medical follow-up in Canada benefits. Speak to a My Insurance Broker Adviser today about the best package option to suit your travel insurance needs! Reach us at 1-855-482-5001.

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    All-Inclusive Packages

    Why purchase individual coverage options or add-ons? For your peace of mind and ease of travel, we have devised an all-inclusive travel insurance plan for your comprehensive protection.

    In addition to the base travel health insurance package which offers emergency medical and dental treatment as well as accommodation for hospitalization fees and air ambulance services, the All-inclusive Travel Health Insurance package provides compensation for trip cancellation, trip interruption and baggage loss, as well as a specified amount for accommodation and meals if your trip is delayed due to a medical emergency.

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    Canada Package

    Enjoy exploring the terrain with your family and friends? While your government health coverage does provide some protection while travelling interprovincially, you may be required to pay physician services out-of-pocket and be reimbursed by your province at a later date.

    It is recommendable and strongly advised, to purchase supplementary travel health insurance when travelling outside of Ontario but within Canada (The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care).

    We offer Emergency Medical Care benefits in excess of your government health coverage at a discounted rate (50% lower than out-of-Canada plans)

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    Top-Up/Extension Coverage

    Have trip cancellation or interruption travel insurance and wish to top-up to emergency medical? Whether you have pre-arranged your travel insurance or decided at the last minute to add additional coverage, our flexible travel insurance solutions will allow you to top-up your protection!

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    Summertime Blue

    Looking forward to your annual summer vacation with family and friends? With the Blue Cross Summertime Blue travel insurance plan, you will get the protection you need at the most competitive price. Not only will you get the most comprehensive multi-trip coverage for your out-of-Canada travel, our Summertime Blue travel insurance plan includes:

    • Up to $5,000,000 in emergency medical care
    • Direct billing in most instances
    • Repatriation and transportation expenses
    • 24/7 assistance in the event a medical emergency

    We provide you and your family with the best Canadian travel insurance rates for an unlimited number of trips throughout the summertime. Get the most unforgettable summer travel experience with a Summertime Blue travel insurance plan from My Insurance Broker. Coverage options are usually available from June to September each year at one affordable price regardless of length of stay or whether travelling alone or with family members.

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    Wintertime Travel Insurance Packages

    Planning that well sought-after winter trip? Our all-inclusive travel insurance plans will give you the peace of mind you deserve so you can travel worry-free and rest-assured you have the protection you need when you need it the most! Stay tuned…

Frequent traveller? Make multiple trips not exceeding 17 days to anywhere in the world.

Travel Insurance Questions & Answers

If I already have travel insurance through my credit card company or group insurance benefits do I still need additional coverage?

Yes. Your supplementary travel insurance is designed to cover certain unexpected costs over and above those covered by your provincial insurance, credit card company or group health insurance. While your credit card company may cover some benefits, it may not provide sufficient coverage. In addition, your group health insurance may only provide travel insurance coverage after a certain age. Hence, it is imperative to obtain supplementary travel insurance while travelling. You should also be aware of restrictions stipulated by your credit card company or group health insurance.

Will my travel insurance adequately cover me for the duration of time I need it to cover me?

Yes, your travel insurance is designed to cover you for the duration of time requested. If you decide to extend your trip you can also request top-up coverage and we will provide you with the additional coverage you desire. Simply speak with your insurance broker and we will make it happen! In the event of a medical emergency or an uncontrollable situation that requires you to delay or extend your trip, our travel insurance plans make provisions for these scenarios.

What does my travel insurance coverage include?

Your travel insurance includes individual and family coverage for your single and multi-trip annual travel against certain unexpected occurrences while travelling. In the event of a medical emergency, coverage includes hospital, medical and paramedical expenses, emergency dental expenses, medical repatriation and medical follow-up in Canada benefits if required. Additional coverage includes travel assistance for theft or loss of documents or funds and a translation service. You may be required to purchase additional coverage for trip cancellation/interruption or lost baggage based on the plan that you select.

Will my travel insurance policy cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Some travel insurance policies will not cover pre-existing medical conditions before a certain time period and require a certain degree of stability before departure. Conditions also apply for the emergency medical care benefit. Speak to a broker about the specific coverage restrictions of your policy to ensure there is no misapprehension. Beware other travel insurance companies, as they may only provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions on a limited basis. Speak to a broker and explore your options. Reach us at 1-855-482-5001.

Is there anything else that my travel insurance policy will not cover?

Yes. In addition to certain pre-existing medical conditions that exist before your departure, some policies do not cover emergency medical care arising from high-risk activities such as scuba diving, sky diving, hang-gliding and mountain climbing; regions or cities where travel restrictions have been enacted by the Canadian government and stipulations regarding pregnancy in the last trimester (Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), 2017).

In the event of a medical emergency, will I have to pay for the medical expenses directly and be reimbursed at a later date?

To take the worry out of your travel, some insurance companies will coordinate payment with the medical facility directly where possible. My Insurance Broker has partnered with the leading travel insurance companies in Canada in order to provide you with a travel insurance policy that will better suit your needs. Our insurance companies are world-renowned and in some instances, are the only policies that “hospitals will accept” (Testimonial from a pleased traveller - Acclaimed Insurance Partner). Speak to a My Insurance Broker Adviser today about the travel insurance plan that’s right for you!

What happens if I have a medical emergency while travelling?

In the event of a medical emergency, you will be provided with a toll-free number to contact to file your claim. A 24-hour multilingual travel emergency assistance service is provided to the insured, who will receive appropriate directions on how to proceed. Failure to follow the required instructions or contacting the emergency number may result in your claim not being processed.

Are there travel insurance discounts?

Yes. Our travel insurance solutions were designed with you in mind. We highly value our customer relations and are constantly looking for ways to better meet your needs. Speak to a My Insurance Broker Adviser about the discounts that may be applicable to you.

Travel Insurance food for thought

When considering purchasing travel insurance, you are reminded to explore various options and obtain the policy that best suits your needs and offers you the most comprehensive coverage. Travel insurance policies vary from company to company and information concerning your health, age, the medication you consume, the length of your trip and destination are all factors that determine the price of your policy and the medical coverage that will be included.

Your Insurance Broker will be able to guide you and give you the expert advice that you need, so that you can make an informed decision. At My Insurance Broker we work for you! Reach us at 1-855-482-5001.