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CAA Insurance

We are pleased to announce that as of October 1st 2015, we have partnered with CAA, a leading provider of Roadside Assistance, Auto, Home, and Travel insurance. Together with CAA’s membership benefits and coverage options, My Insurance Broker will be better able to serve you.

Leverage the power of your CAA membership with My Insurance Broker, combining peace of mind on the road, with discounts on auto, home, and travel insurance, and unlock more savings when you travel or shop at participating retail locations. CAA has what you're looking for:

  • Save up to 12.5% on Home & Auto Insurance bundles.
  • Receive additional discounts up to 5% on your best auto insurance rate from select major carriers through group programs.
CAA Auto Insurance

Since 1974, CAA Insurance has been providing highly competitive rates along with added value to make the most of your premium dollars by providing products and value that meet all your insurance needs.

My Insurance Broker believes paying less on your auto insurance premium shouldn’t get you less.

  • Exclusive CAA Member discount of up to 20%2
  • New CAA Members save 5%
  • Forgive and Forget® driving record protection
  • CAA Connect® rewards safe drivers
CAA Home Insurance

Besides the emotional costs, the toll of unexpected damage to your home can be financially devastating. Whether checking on you in an emergency or mobilizing home restoration services in the aftermath, CAA Insurance acts quickly to get you back home, and offers additional coverages to protect you, your home, and your investment.

  • Automatic 10% discount for CAA Members
  • Home Equipment Breakdown coverage
  • When auto and home insurance are bundled together, receive complimentary CAA Tire and Legal Expense coverage.3



I am a homeowner

Insure the physical structure of your home, your belongings and other structures on your property against fire and smoke damage, damage from wind or hail as well as vandalism or theft.

I am a condo owner

Protect your belongings and your family’s legal liability to others and their property. You also receive limited protection for your unit’s interior.

I am a renter

Even tenants need protection. Insure your personal belongings in addition to your family’s legal liability to others and their property.

Can I insure personal electronics or home equipment?

CAA Home Equipment Breakdown coverage protects appliances, water and heating systems, electronics, and everything in between. Coverage starts from just $29/year.

How can CAA Insurance help me in an emergency?

CAA Insurance can help cover your living expenses if damage to your home or an equipment breakdown forces you to seek temporary hotel accommodations.

Does bundling both auto and home insurance together provide any additional savings?

By bundling your auto and home insurance together, you will receive an additional 5% savings on your auto insurance as well as 12.5% on your home insurance. You will also receive complimentary CAA Tire Coverage and Legal Expense Coverage. Tire coverage includes tire repairs and replacements due to damage caused by a road hazard. Legal Expense Insurance provides coverage for all reasonable legal expenses incurred while pursuing or defending a claim.

CAA Travel Insurance

Don’t let an unexpected illness or injury spoil your vacation. Arranging your insurance only takes minutes, and it could save you in out-of-pocket hospital costs that your government insurance may not cover.

  • Emergency Medical Coverage up to $5 Million CAD4
  • Includes Single Trip, Multi-Trip, Multi-Trip Annual Plans and Top-Up Plans5

Remember to put CAA Travel Insurance on your pre-vacation checklist.

CAA Memberships1

Unlike many Manufacturers’ Roadside Assistance Plans, a CAA membership covers the individual, not the vehicle. This means you can still enjoy the peace of mind that your membership provides even if you are in someone else’s vehicle or rental vehicle. And rest assured CAA is here to help 24/7, whether you’ve run out of gas, have a flat tire, are locked out of your car or your vehicle won’t start.

CAA Membership

CAA Membership

  • Annual Membership
  • Starts at $70 + HST
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Retail discounts and deals.

Whether you need peace of mind for yourself or a loved one, My Insurance Broker offers a range of CAA Membership plans to fit your needs.

Fuel delivery, locksmith, battery, bike assist and flat tire services each count as a roadside call during each membership year.

 Basic Membership

Staying close to home? A Basic Membership allows four service calls a year—with a maximum towing distance of 10 km each. Your service calls can also be used for CAA Bike Assist, — a complimentary service offering bicycle repairs, replacements for flat tires, and tows. Service will be provided to cyclists where there is permitted vehicle access, and based on the seasonal availability. Basic Members also receive exclusive discounts and perks at 164,000 participating retail locations and services worldwide.

 Plus Membership

Perfect for long commutes or regular road trips, a Plus Membership allows a total of four service calls with a maximum towing distance of 200 km each. Purchase a CAA Plus RV Membership and your coverage extends to motorhomes, campers, trailers, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and boat trailers all under one membership plan. And don't forget the exclusive Member discounts and deals you could use during your trip!

 Premier Membership

Want the ultimate in roadside assistance? Then choose a Premier Membership, which allows up to five service calls a year—one with a maximum towing distance of 320 km, and four calls with a maximum of 200 km each. If you upgrade to a Premier RV Membership, and your coverage extends to motorhomes, campers, trailers, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and boat trailers all under one membership plan.

Safety comes with benefits. Call My Insurance Broker to discover them.



The Terms and conditions of CAA Membership are available at

1. CAA Basic roadside benefits are activated immediately after joining. CAA Plus/Plus RV/Premier/Premier RV roadside benefits are activated 24 hours after joining. When upgrading from Basic to Plus, a 24-hour wait period applies. When upgrading from Plus to Premier, or to an RV Membership, your benefits are active immediately. Fuel delivery, locksmith, battery, and flat tire services each count as one of the Members’ allotted roadside calls during each Membership year

2. To qualify for the discount you must be a current CAA Member in good standing (CAA Membership dues paid in full by membership expiry date). Eligible CAA Members may qualify to receive a Member Loyalty Discount based on membership tenure and Roadside Assistance usage.

3. CAA Legal Coverage is complimentary on home policies where there is a multi-line auto. Please see policy wordings for coverage details. Coverage is subject to terms, conditions and exclusions for the LEI policy.

4. Up to $5 million CAD. Maximum $25,000 for all Emergency Medical Insurance benefits if at time of claim: a) your GHIP (government health insurance plan) coverage was lapsed; and/or b) you did not have GHIP authorization to cover your trip days exceeding the days GHIP covers outside your province or territory of residence

5. Multi-Trip Annual (Medical) Plans cover 4, 8, or 15 days per trip, depending on the Plan you purchased. Convenient Top-Up coverage is available for longer trips. The Multi-Trip Annual Plan and any Top-Up may never extend beyond 365 days from departure date or effective date. The 4 and 8 day Plans do not apply to Multi-Trip Vacation Packages. Multi-Trip Vacation Packages covers 15 or 30 days per trip, depending on the Plan you purchased. Convenient Top-Up coverage is available for longer trips. The Multi-Trip Vacation Package and any Top-Up may never extend beyond 365 days from departure date or effective date. The 4 and 8 day Multi-Trip Annual Plan options do not extend to Multi-Trip Vacation Package.

Underwriting Information

Auto and Property Insurance are underwritten by CAA Insurance Company. Certain conditions, limitations and underwriting guidelines apply.

®Forgive and Forget is a trademark owned by CAA Insurance Company.

®CAA trademarks owned by, and use is authorized by, the Canadian Automobile Association

Home Equipment Breakdown underwritten by CAA Insurance, Claims administered by Mutual Boiler Re.

CAA Tire Coverage is underwritten by CAA Insurance Company

CAA Legal Coverage is underwritten by DAS Leal Protection Insurance Company Limited.

CAA Travel Insurance is underwritten by Orion Travel Insurance Company. Certain exclusions, limitations and restrictions apply. Subject to change without notice. A Medical Questionnaire may be required to purchase travel insurance