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Bridge the gaps in your government health insurance plan with the Flexcare™ or FollowMe™ Health plans. If you are not covered by a group health plan or not satisfied with the health coverage you have today, the Flexcare™, or FollowMe™ health and dental plans may be the answer for you.

FollowMe™ Health Insurance

FollowMe Health Insurance

FollowMe™: For those losing their group health plan who want to maintain coverage. Worried about losing your group health and dental benefits? Concerned about the many medical expenses you have to start paying for out-of-pocket because of the increasing gaps in your provincial health insurance coverage?

The FollowMe™ health and dental plan can give you that security. With four different levels of affordable health insurance coverage to choose from, you are certain to find the plan that meets your specific needs and budget.

Flexcare™ Health Insurance

FlexCare Health Insurance

Flexcare™ is designed to fill the gaps left in your government health insurance plan. Whether your focus is prescription drugs, dental care, or a combination of both, Flexcare™ offers a selection of health plans from which you can choose: DrugPlus™, DentalPlus™, and ComboPlus™.

Flexcare™ plans are specifically designed to offer flexibility and choice. A wide selection of Core plans provide coverage for varying levels of drug and dental benefits, along with vision care, extended health care, travel insurance and more.