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My Insurance Broker’s travel insurance plans compensate travelers for a variety of problems. These could range from medical emergencies, unpreventable circumstances leading to sudden trip cancellation or interruption, and even lost luggage or papers. Travel Insurance policies are available for purchase online. Quote and buy now through one of our partners:

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 Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Regardless of where you and your family like to travel, there are always potential risks involved with going overseas. From severe sickness and injury to flight cancellations, baggage losses and more, if you don’t have proper insurance coverage, you might find yourself stranded or worse.

The following information will help you decide if a my travel insurance quote is right for you, and what type of coverage you should expect from the insurance company.

What Should Be Covered By a Travel Insurance Policy

The amount of coverage you receive will likely depend on the type of policy you buy. Some of the basic coverage items include:

While many of these incidences are unlikely, travel insurance would still be able to provide you with coverage for your peace of mind and protect you financially from spending potentially thousands of dollars to resolve any issues overseas.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Travel Insurance Policy

A travel insurance policy is a great way to protect you from future financial losses for a fraction of the monetary risk.

Poor weather conditions - In many parts of the world where typhoons, hurricanes or heavy amounts of snow visit on a regular basis, the possibility of missing a flight or connection could be an issue. Consider purchasing coverage to help avoid having to pay fees to the airline or having to buy a new ticket altogether.

Baggage delays - Everyday, thousands of Americans lose their luggage during a trip overseas. This all too common issue has been the source of frustration, anger and has ruined trips that would have otherwise been quite enjoyable. A travel insurance policy can help solve these issues by reimbursing families for their losses and providing emergency monetary relief, if necessary.

Injuries and sickness - Large problems loom for those who become severely ill or injured overseas.

 Coverage Basics

Travel Insurance is meant to avert the damages of unforeseen crises. Unfortunately, everyday insurance plans, such as home owners, business, or credit insurance do not accommodate issues of travel mishaps.

My Insurance Broker’s travel insurance plans compensate travelers for a variety of problems. These could range from medical emergencies, unpreventable circumstances leading to sudden trip cancellation or interruption, and even lost luggage or papers.

Medical Emergency

Martha, a recently retired woman, decides to take a cruise in Caribbean with her family. Without apparent reason she collapses onto the ship’s deck. Unfortunately, the ship’s health facilities cannot adequately help her. Thus, the ship’s doctor insists that Martha be taken to the nearest port hospital. Not only are the hospital costs and transportation fees much higher than the cost of Martha’s vacation, she must also cope with the additional stress of dealing with the unfamiliar language, culture and surroundings. Furthermore, this stress extends onto her worried family. The vacation is ruined.

The emergency health benefits covered under travel insurance plans are meant to prevent such situations as the above from becoming unmanageable difficulties. These plans essentially cover the required medical and transportation costs. Also, My Insurance Broker would make available multilingual representatives to communicate as amiably as possible. In such situations, the lifebuoy of travel insurance can quickly mitigate a difficult situation.

Lost Travel Documents

In the dire circumstance of lost travel documents (such as passports or tickets) a simple call to your My Insurance Broker agent can ensure quick alleviation of the situation. They can direct you in the required steps for recovering from the loss as well as promote peace of mind in tumultuous times.

Trip Cancellation or Interruption

A sudden occurrence can force the immediate cancellation of a trip. Accidents, bouts of illness or the sudden passing of a relative can necessitate a change in plans. Travel insurance policies exist to ensure recompense for the many expenses that go into planning a trip.

Weather conditions can also halt a well-planned trip. Wind, rain or snowstorms can ground planes, force ships to remain in port and altogether ruin a thorough itinerary. Again, travel insurance can compensate for these unpreventable issues including the costs of lost travel time and delayed or unfulfilled transport and trip tickets.

 Out Of Province Travel

Are you going to the USA for business for a day or two? Perhaps you're exploring Canada's coast, heading to the Caribbean or travelling overseas?

Travel Insurance for Canadians travelling out-of-province helps protect you against the cost of unexpected emergencies that may occur during your trip - costs only marginally covered by your provincial health insurance plan

Choose the plan that best suits your needs:

Single-Trip Plan: Provides Emergency Medical Insurance for one trip for the number of days you have purchased. No age limit

Quick Trip Plan: Provides Emergency Medical Insurance for one trip of less than 18 days if you are 55-74 years of age

Multi-Trip Plan: Provides Emergency Medical Insurance for an unlimited number of trips during your policy year for the number of days you have purchased. Options of 4, 10, 18 and 30 day plans. Also available as a Multi-Trip All-Inclusive Plan. No age limit.

All-Inclusive Plan: Provides several benefits as an all in one plan. It covers Emergency Medical, Trip Cancellation & Interruption, Baggage Loss, Damage & Delay, Flight Accident and Travel Accident.

Travel Canada Plan: Provides Emergency Medical Insurance if all your travel is within Canada at 50% off the regular Single-Trip Emergency Medical Plan and Quick Trip Plan rates.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Plan: May be purchased as part of an All-Inclusive Plan or separately.

 Travelers To Canada

This particular type of insurance allows travelers to Canada to be covered and protected medically if they have no such plan in their home country or if they wish to supplement their existing coverage. In many cases, people travelling are not adequately protected for medical emergencies.

Preparation with this type of coverage alleviates most of the heavy costs associated with medical emergencies, illnesses, accidents.

Hospital and Medical Expenses

Hospital costs for visitors can cost upwards of approximately $4,000 daily. The cost of transportation to take you back home are astronomically high. Coverage’s in most policies range from $25,000 upwards of $150,000 for emergency medical expenses and can be purchased for up to 365 days of travel.

Visitors to Canada Insurance is purchased whether you are visiting for business or vacation. This insurance is also intended for immigrants to Canada awaiting government health coverage approval and Canadians who have returned to Canada that are not yet covered under the provincial health plan.

Why buy insurance from a Canadian insurance company?

Simple, Canadian insurance companies have established and recurring relationships with all Canadian medical providers. Thus, not only is the recognition of your coverage immediate, the reimbursement process is much quicker. This is due to the direct billing process between both parties. It is recommended that you purchase an insurance plan prior to entering Canada. This is recommended to circumvent a delay of the initialization of coverage ranging from 48 hours to 8 days after purchasing. This means that if you purchase insurance upon arrival in Canada and a medical emergency arises within that window, your coverage may not be available and you will have to pay expenses out of pocket.

 My Super Visa

Gaining entrance into Canada as a visitor can be a difficult task. There are various forms that need to be filled out, fees that must be paid, and interviews that must be completed. If you have family that resides in Canada and are unable to see them because the entrance requirements are so difficult, My Super Visa is perfect for you.

The Basics of My Super Visa

This visa was created specifically for family members of immigrants located within the country. The government has recently taken steps to provide an easier way for them to spend time together and build stronger family bonds.

The big change that occurred under the new program is the length of stay. When approved, an individual is issued a 10 year multi-entry visa; while previous requirements limited each visit to six months, the new My Super Visa programs allows for individuals to stay for up to two years at a time.

Other requirements for the visa stay the same. Family members are still required to go through the application process, pay the necessary fees and show proof of financial stability.

The Canadian Insurance Requirement

Part of the My Super Visa program requires visa holders to purchase valid insurance coverage from a Canadian insurer for a minimum of 365 days. This insurance is much like traveler’s insurance because it is meant to cover any type of medical issues that arise while on vacation in Canada, and it helps protect the visa holder from experiencing a potentially financially damaging experiencing.

Each insurance policy must also carry a minimum of $100,000 in medical expense coverage. This means that, should something happen that requires medical attention, the visa holder is covered for up to $100,000. Some of the covered issues include severe sickness, injury, surgeries, emergency room care, medicine and more.