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August 29, 2016  •   1 minute read

Anti-Theft Device Discount

Auto Insurance Discounts Expained

Why does having an anti-theft device or recovery system installed on my car affect my insurance premium?

Some Insurance companies offer discounts for using your anti-theft devices or vehicle recovery systems as their installation prevents/deters theft and limits claims pay-outs by insurance companies. Specifically, due to this reduction in risk of claims insurance companies often offer a discount when these devices are installed. This discount is applied when you prove that it is installed correctly in your vehicle.

Which types of anti-theft devices or recovery systems qualify for me to save?

Driver’s with an ignition interlock system that prevents the motor from starting, or a recovery system with an immobilizer and GPS tracking capabilities in case of theft are eligible for this discount. Some systems claim recovery rates up to 90%.

How much can I save by installing an anti-theft device or recovery system?

Installing an eligible anti-theft device or recovery system in your vehicle can affect your insurance premium, and you may be eligible to save between 5 – 15% (this does not include manufacturer installed devices). So, once you purchase and install your device, call your broker to ensure this discount is applied.

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