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Extended Good Student Discount

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By Derek Visser  •  My Insurance Broker
August 29, 2016  •  1 minute read

Why does having good grades affect my insurance premium?

There are a few conditions that have to be met in order to qualify for this discount. The driver must be under 25 years of age and hold an average of 80% (A grade average) or greater. The student must be enrolled in full time studies in high school or an accredited college or university. In addition, you may be required to provide a transcript or report card to verify.

Special note: If you under 25 and are a graduate of an accredited college or university program of 3 to 4 years and your transcript shows a cumulative average of 80% (A grade average) or greater, the you may qualify for the Extended Student Discount (5 – 15% same as the Good Student Discount). If this applies to you, contact one of our brokers to make sure you get the discount!

How much can I save on insurance if I have good grades?

Getting good grades can affect your insurance premium, and you may be eligible to save between 5 – 15%. This means the better you do in school, the lower your insurance premium.

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